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Ethicon Gen11

So easy, you don't have to think about it.

37.5”/95cm H x 19”/48cm W x 22”/56cm D 37lbs/16.8kg

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Simplicity speeds adoption.

Doctors want to focus on patients, not technology so making it easy, makes it better.

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Simplicity is hard.



Better and easier.

Operating rooms are stressful and crowded places. Ethicon wanted something better and easier than everything else. The display is big enough to see from across a room. A lighted frame makes the handpiece connector easy to find in low light. Our job was to make the G11 easy to move and use. We created a stand that is tall enough to see and small enough to fit anywhere. We put the cables inside for less clutter and easier cleaning and we gave the foot control a home of its own. We even added two handles so you can move it anywhere you want. We made simplicity real.

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17 million procedures later, Ethicon is still leading the market.

We like to think the G11 cart helped accelerate adoption by being small, light and well-behaved. By eliminating complexity and thinking through viewing angles, footprint, cleanability, cable management and the secret to amazingly smooth casters, we made setting up for surgery faster and easier.

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Dr. Emily Stott

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