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Karl Storz C-MAC

Effortless thinking. saves lives.



Reflex, not reflection.

In emergencies, basic actions need to be second nature. “Apply direct pressure.” “Cool a burn.” Quick actions buy you enough time to think about what to do next. Karl Storz wanted to make airway visualization so easy, you wouldn’t have to think.

ER patient stock photo 02.jpg


Create something simple and compact.

Emergency rooms are busy and crowded. To be effective, you need to focus fast. We replaced complexity with common sense. We kept everything small. We designed an arm to bring the image closer. We put everything in reach.

Karl Storz C-MAC Side Square.jpg


Positive breath sounds.

We made the C-MAC cart small enough to always be close. When an emergency happens, C-MAC is nearby. To make a difference, you have to go where you are needed. By keeping C-MAC close, we helped open airways for vulnerable patients.

Karl Storz side SQUARE.jpg
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