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We build products that change lives.

We research, design, build and deliver products that improve people’s lives. From surgical robotics to AI-enhanced ultrasound, our teams are involved in the most groundbreaking projects in healthcare.

Research leads to insight

Modo's research delivers behavior-driven insights. We use research and Design Thinking to connect people with technology in a simple, human way.


Research methods

Drive gives you answers to questions your customers don’t know how to ask. Drive is an award-winning research engine that helps your team see the world through the eyes of a nurse, a patient and a family. Drive lets you understand the patient journey in a way that makes your technology better.

Glimpse is a video and image archive that puts you in a hospital storage room in London or an operating room in Tokyo. Glimpse shows you what people want but don’t know how to ask for. Glimpse gives you a way to listen with your eyes.

The front end of every project is high impact and high value. This is where we identify opportunities, generate ideas and test limits. We listen, we observe and we see your market in a new way. We search for pause points and unexpressed needs. Why do nurses hide their favorite carts? How can you capture device heat to warm ultrasound gel? How do you design a cart to make it findable? Why do Lego-style instructions work so well for surgical robots? Discover is where we connect information and ideas with creativity to produce value.

Good design solves problems

Modo’s has a proven track record of innovation in a narrow, technical field that changes quickly. We use research, observation, prototyping and Design Thinking to create products people love.

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Design Tools

A DesignJam is a gathering of people with shared goals and different perspectives. A DesignJam gives senior teams an chance to share what they know. It gets the smartest people you know together with the most creative people we know. A DesignJam produces a stronger team, a better understanding of direction and a deeper sense of possibility. Partner teams leave energized and informed. Modo’s teams leave excited and committed. We have jammed with Johnson & Johnson, Philips, Medtronic and Abbott. Along the way we found inspiration and discovered new ways to innovate. For more information on jamming with Modo, please reach out to Chris Sankey at

GoBox is a library of pre-engineered and pre-tooled components that give you a head start on your competition. GoBox gets you to market faster, with less risk and at a lower cost. GoBox includes parts that solve problems, save time and eliminate risk. The best part is, you can use it today. Drop us an email at and let us know you would like to learn more about GoBox. We will follow up with a test drive and a preview.

Oyster is an expert system that gets smarter all the time. Oyster is an intelligent knowledge base that organizes all of Modo’s know-how. Which casters sell best in Europe? How tall should an EKG cart be in Japan? What is the best way to manage sutures? Is footprint more important than weight? Oyster knows.

From nurses and doctors to patients, great ideas come from everywhere. It helps to listen. We adjust our collaboration approach to your market and your objectives. Together, we identify trade-offs and options. We have the expertise to identify opportunities and we have the humility to listen. Everything we do is a collaboration.

What we build makes a difference

Modo builds innovative carts that make healthcare more effective. We simplify every step of a procedure to streamline the delivery of care.

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Build Systems

We are a proven partner to the most demanding medical device companies in the world. We accomplish that by delivering consistent quality using robust systems and honest communication. Quality starts with people and culture. Modo employees manage quality at every stage in our value stream and 100% of Modo employees complete an annual quality certification. We are an FDA-registered medical device manufacturer and we are certified to ISO 13485. We are committed to leading our industry through the continuous improvement of our quality system.

Muse is a usability engine that draws on the best work of Google, Apple and the FDA. Our designers keep Muse up to date on the small things other people can’t see - like the perfect height of an EKG cart in Japan. Muse keeps things simple, easy and human.

We built a proprietary development model using the best practices of the world’s leading medical device companies. MOPED guides our research, quality, design, engineering and manufacturing. From compelling design briefs to detailed feature maps, MOPED assures no opportunity is overlooked and no detail is missed. MOPED translates great ideas into products people love.

Modo is an FDA-registered medical device manufacturer with a quality system certified to ISO 13485. We comply with the process and documentation controls required under the Quality System Regulations of Section 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 820 and International Standards Organization 9001:2000 & 13485:2016. We encourage early conversations on regulatory approach and we carefully track the best practices of leading companies. We conduct confidence testing and maintain the Design History Files (DHF) and Device Master Records (DMR) you need. Your regulatory environment is complex and changing. We can help you get through it.

With the best medical device companies in the world, we created a manufacturing system that improves continuously. MEMO is a platform of shared components, methods and fixtures that reduces lead times and costs. MEMO uses lean principles to eliminate handling and simplify value streams. MEMO continuously adjusts for tariffs, barriers and cost changes. Just below the surface of a streamlined customer experience is a manufacturing system that gets better every day.

We deliver on your brand promise

Delivery is design. We manage logistics to deliver on your brand promise - anywhere in the world.

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Delivery Methods

With QuickShip™, we are your factory and your warehouse. We build your products and ship them when you need them - from the point of manufacture to the point of care with no unnecessary transport in the middle. QuickShip™ is responsible, sustainable and scalable. QuickShip™ is fast, efficient and easy. Please call us to talk about it.

When it comes to logistics, demand planning and delivery, communication is a substitute for cost. We used communication to replace a warehouse in New York. We used communication to anticipate demand spikes during the pandemic. We used communication to replace air freight. To communicate effectively, we keep our teams small, balanced and consistent. We want our communication to be clear, structured and to the point. We believe good communication delivers great results.